Training Solutions

Our training solutions empower your retail teams to provide a personalised and seamless Tax Free Shopping journey, turning each transaction into an experience.

Select the Training Programme Matching Your Client Advisors' Needs

Our Tax Free Shopping training programmes aim to provide the retail teams with the right tools to deliver the best customer experience. Global Blue offers a three step learning progression: 

Essential Pack

Empowering retail teams to simply propose the Tax Free Shopping experience and guide international shoppers through the process

Performance Pack

Developing retail teams' abilities to leverage the Tax Free Shopping experience at all stages of the client journey

Culture Pack

Raising the retail teams’ awareness on cultural specificities to enhance the client relationship

Integrated Learning Experience for Retail Excellence

Our Tax Free Shopping blended learning program mixes the best of digital with the human touch of in store coaching:


  • 100% responsive 
  • short and interactive
  • integrated with retailers’ training strategy
  • distributed through retailers’ learning management system 
Woman using computer at the till

In Store Field Coaching

  • Made by Global Blue local experts team
  • Regular visits to support the learning progression
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