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Join Global Blue and become part of a truly pioneering technology company with innovation, collaboration and empowerment at the heart of what we do.
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Global Blue has Pioneered an Industry and Millions of Consumers have Followed

We work with the world’s best-loved retailers to help them facilitate sales and engage with customers, enabling them to understand them better.

We are committed to continuous innovation, and we are looking for talented and passionate people to help us solve challenges.

Our Values

Our values are customer-centricity, innovation, respect, collaboration and empowerment

They shape everything Global Blue does as a business. 

We aim to ensure the people we work with promote these values every day.

Customer Centricity
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In our World, one Size does not Fit all

We are proud of developing an approach that provides our people with a meaningful way to achieve a work life balance.

We all need flexibility and support at different times in our lives to manage our work and home lives.

Our Agile Working Model has been built to empower our people to deliver, yet it is flexible enough to provide the freedom to effectively balance personal and professional life.

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Gathering Made Fun and Flexible

We asked our people how they wanted to work and we listened to their response. They said:

  • Collaboration and connectivity was important to our culture and they did not want to lose this.
  • Having a central office hub is key to bringing people together and acting as a resource center.
  • Getting a blend of working from home vs. in the office was important.
  • They wanted a solution that would enable them to deliver the best business outcomes for all.
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Investment in our Infrastructure and Office Space

We understand that not everyone will be able to or want to work from a remote setting. Therefore, we are committed to retaining our central office hubs.

We get that a modern workforce needs state-of-the-art technology while retaining effective, modern collaborative spaces for human interactions. For this reason, we are investing in the refurbishment of our offices globally.

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Social Gatherings at Work

With remote working, we care about providing opportunities for social activities and interactions, we understand that such activities are good for our overall wellbeing and mental health.

We enable and support our teams to come together socially. We are not just colleagues, we are friends too.

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Mobility in Action

The post-pandemic world offers many opportunities. We embrace them by supporting our people to move within the company to work in different locations.

We would love to help you achieve your career goals by providing you with ability to work internationally.

Global Blue in Numbers

Launched in 1980

But doing 2020’s tech

52 countries

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IPO in 2020

Even during Covid, we continue to succeed

300 K stores

And 80% in luxury

Gender equality

Our team is 56% female

76 nationalities

And counting!
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