Consumer Engagement Solutions

Our consumer engagement solutions provide data-driven solutions to increase footfall, converting it into revenue and enhancing retailers' stores performance
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Direct Emails to our 2M Enrolled Travellers

Thanks to our Electronic Direct Mail Marketing (eDM) offering, retailers can send personalised and targeted communication to an audience of high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) already enrolled on our propriety Global Blue database.

  • Boost brand awareness amongst a highly targeted audience
  • Promote specific product launches and news to HNWIs
  • Drive more traffic to retailers’ e-commerce platforms

Geolocated Drive-to-Store Marketing

Our geo-located drive-to-store campaigns enable retailers to target our high profiled travellers with a call to action, while shopping at destination.

Communicate with the right audience at the right time with geo-location and smart segmentation

Address a highly targeted audience based on their brand affinity, shopping behaviour and spend

Incentivize them with your own Call To Action or with a Global Blue’s extra VAT refund coupon, that does not affect your brand equity, to drive footfall to store

Measure the impact of retailers’ campaigns through store visits or sales generated

Reception room in Madrid Lounge

Lounge Drive to Store

Our VIP Lounges, located in the Luxury shopping district of the main European cities, offer a unique location for retailers to explore new visibility opportunities.

They provide small to large areas where brands can display their products and merchandising materials. If an interest arises, the lounge team indicates travellers where to shop, and even drive them physically to your store, resulting in additional sales and revenue.

  • Brand exposure to Elite customers in a relaxed moment
  • Brand story telling shared by Global Blue
  • Customizable visibility 
Global Blue's Paris lounge

Messika Paris at Global Blue Paris Lounge

The Global Blue Paris Lounge is pleased to welcome Messika Paris, an iconic and international jewelry House. Since the beginning, the House has been driven by a desire to create modern diamond fashion jewelry.

Messika Paris creates timeless and unique pieces to be worn every day. Thanks to Nicolas Lamoureux, Retail Operations Manager, and Flora Sanson, Visual Merchandiser Coordinator, for their collaboration.

This partnership contributes to creating a unique experience in the world of Tax Free Shopping.

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