Customs Solutions

Our Customs Approval System guarantee to customs a secure and compliant Tax Free Shopping process.

Customs Approval System

Our Customs Approval System (CAS) delivers an integrated suite of digital export validation solutions. Our solutions are available in 13 countries worldwide and they can be adapted to meet the legal requirements of each specific country.

CAS Software

Key components of CAS Software:

  • Legal rules engine that adheres to local requirements
  • Risk management and fraud detection automated system
  • Processing of digital export validation of Tax Free transactions
  • Reporting and analytics tools for local Customs Managers
  • Self-service validation via a kiosk or smartphone, easing queue time for shoppers

Key benefits for customs:

  • Process digitalisation
  • Ease of usage
  • Efficiency
  • Risk minimisation
  • Real-time monitoring

Implementing this advanced Tax Free Shopping scheme will boost Colombia’s international retail offering and increase our competitiveness as a travel destination. Global Blue’s expertise and knowledge of international shoppers will enable local merchants to capture the growth of this market and bring more spend into our stores. We look forward to experiencing the benefits.

Mr. Luis Carlos Reyes Hernádes
General Director DIAN
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