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Global Blue is a strategic technology and payments partner that empowers retailers to improve their performance and shoppers to enhance their experience.
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We are committed to fostering innovation that empowers retailers by improving their performance.

Over the past 40 years, Global Blue has been enhancing the shopper experience through the provision of state-the-art technology.

Since then, we have continued to innovate continuously. Today, we are a leading strategic technology and payments partner within the Tax Free Shopping, Payment and RetailTech ecosystems.

Our Philosophy

We are customer-centric

We co-build solutions to efficiently connect all stakeholders involved at each stage of the shopping journey.

We innovate through technology

We offer scalable and agile technology solutions to meet all of our stakeholders’ needs.

We leverage our unique data-set

We provide brands with complete visibility on their activities and tailored recommendations as well as tools to increase in-store footfall, to grow revenue and optimise costs.

We deliver the best shopping experience

We deliver a seamless and personalised shopping experience, through a range of digital and physical touchpoints.

We believe in proximity

Thanks to our dedicated teams at all touchpoints, we support our clients and shoppers whenever and wherever they need us.

We ensure compliance

We continuously monitor legal changes and adapt our processes to guarantee that payment and shopping journeys are reliable, secure and compliant.

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Join Global Blue and become part of a truly pioneering technology company with innovation, collaboration and empowerment at the heart of what we do.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
Responsible Consumption and Production
Climate Action
Decent Work and Economic Growth

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From small retailers to large department stores, we connect over 300,000 retail stores worldwide with POS providers and payment solutions.

Discover why so many retailers work with us to drive sustainable growth.

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