Global Blue and Venistar CX Launch an Integrated E-commerce Platform for Tax Free Shopping

On October 7, 2022, Global Blue launched Tax Free Shopping via e-commerce platforms with our first client. This is the first time a fully integrated solution for e-commerce is being launched on the market. 

This new service has been enabled by Venistar CX, the headless commerce platform adopted by our client to orchestrate all of their omnichannel processes. By providing the same level of facilities in store and online, this new service aims at giving international travelers a delightful customer experience. 

The new solution is active for the Buy Online with Pick Up In-Store service. This enables the shopper to buy, pay and request Tax Free Shopping online. This solution supports additional use cases such as Buy Online and Hotel Delivery.

For further information about the Global Blue’s Tax Free Shopping solution, please go to E-Commerce Tax Free Shopping Solutions to learn more.

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